Saturday, January 31, 2015

What this blog is about

Hello Readers,

I already published an article "Amar Singh Rathod and His Horse", so this post is a bit late.

This blog post is about what I want to write in the blog. Consider this a meta-post. What I want to do is present stories of my encounters with ancient or new stories (meta-stories) from the oldest human civilization in the world. For instance, the story about the horse memorial at Agra ties together a story I was told about an event in the past and what happened when I pursued the matter. That would be the theme of this blog.

Anybody who travels and loves traveling and meeting new people will have come across some interesting stories and would have experienced something unique with regards to that, either finding a memorial or ancient home or great descendent... you never know. I want to capture such experiences of  mine.

I am however at a dilemma here. In terms of my own personal experiences, I have had the good fortune of traveling to quite a few countries as a tourist already: Japan, UAE, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and USA and I'm not done traveling. I've titled this blog: Stories from India. I'm not sure if I want to expand to Stories from The World. I may just do that.

Anyways, for any followers (there are none at this point), thanks and keep visiting.

Thanks for reading,

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